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Health Impact Study

Health Impact Study

The study clearly emphasizes the role of effective chlorination that led to improvement of drinking water quality in rural India especially among surface water that is grossly contaminated by faecal matter. The reduction of diarrhea among children and healthy growth patterns calls upon the public authority to ensure mandatory chlorination of rural drinking water supplies in rural India.

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Performance Report: Igatpuri

Igatpuri: 1.86 MLD MJP owned water treatment plant supplying mainly to industrial and residential area. Use of bleaching powder entailed burden on their manpower as 750 gms of powder has to be charged every our into sump and they did not get accuracy. With ChloRun we could bring the chlorine requirement from 1.5 to 1.2 with 0.2 to 0.5 ppm levels at different tail ends

“Chlorun is very beneficial in terms of safety, convenience, monitoring, accuracy where ever bleaching powder is used as disinfectant”.

Hasur Experience

Hasur: A remote village in Kolhapur district, found alternative of chlorun and they found that one water borne diseases of cattles called “Lar” has cattle have come down almost to zero level they save 50 % loss in milk productionl.

” As The “Human as well as cattle disease are controlled saving their monitory losses on health, villagers do not mind incurring more cost on disinfestation.”

Villagers knew all the disadvantages of bleaching powder as choking of pipes, pumps ESR bottoms and they appreciate that the system remains clean due to their switch from Bleaching powder to ChloRun..”


Trials in Lamboti, Solapur

Lamboti : Trials of ChloRun machine is run in a village Lamboti, Taluka Mohol, District Solapur for six months. After six months, the local villagers found the satisfactory results and project will be handed over to Lamboti village.

Algae Control for 2 MLD water reservoir at Godrej Industries Ltd. Valia (Gujrat)

Algae Control for 2 MLD water reservoir at Godrej Industries Ltd. Valia (Gujrat)

The water reservoir at Godrej Industries Ltd. (GIL) Valia , capacity 2 MLD had dense Algae and also there was uncontrolled growth of algae and other microbial waste. The algae used to get carry forward towards the DM plant and the utility got affected due to it. The water in the reservoir was without any treatment and exposed to sunlight so the growth of algae was uncontrolled.

GIL installed ChloRun system resulting into Algae control and improved clarity of water.

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