About Chlorun

arrow-bulletSalient Features of ChloRun

“ChloRun” is a continuous, constant, accurate disinfection technology for Potable Water which includes;

  • CDB 56 (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate i.e. NaDCC); a stable solid (Reference : IS 15773:2008)
    • Contains 56% Chlorine.
    • While Granular material.
    • pH value (1% in water) < 7.
    • Alkalinity is [(1% in water) < 0.001 mg/l as Ca].
    • High Solubility in water
    • Shelf life is around 3 years*.
  • ChloRun Unit is an accurate, automatic dispensing and dosing unit.
  • Foot print : ~ 1 m X 1 m

arrow-bulletPrinciple of Operation

Dosing system prepares fresh 1-3% solution of CDB 56 (56 % chlorine) continuously on site and circulates it thoroughly to facilitate complete mixing and doses this solution accurately according to the chlorine demand in the water to be chlorinated. All operation is automatically controlled and no human errors are involved.

arrow-bulletAdvantage of ChloRun over Conventional System

  • CDB 56, being granular, avoids all the risk factors even in case of leakage or seepage.
  • It is a very stable source of chlorine with around 3 years of shelf life.
  • Chlorine is liberated only when it dissolves in water; normally there is insignificant smell of chlorine.
  • Highly water soluble, so no insoluble and no scaling tendencies inside the pipes.
  • Better safety, storage stability, better shelf life.
  • Dosing machine is safe & easy to operate with almost no manual handling.
  • Continuous dosing is possible.
  • Requires small place.
  • High accuracy, no under or overdosing.
  • Automated system-No Human mistakes.
  • Offers automatic monitoring & control. Adjustments according to the chlorine demand.
  • Can be remotely controlled.
  • Though it does not requires any trained operator for its operation, but for trouble free functioning of the unit, it can be given on contract basis to the Manufacturing/ Supplying firm for a period of 3 to 5 years.